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Most users tend to apply too much antiperspirant. It is not necessary to soak the armpits. Only apply a little antiperspirant. The skin openings of the sweat glands are very small. Even a small amount of antiperspirant is enough to narrow the sweat glands.
The antiperspirant "ahc forte" can irritate the skin unnecessarily. We recommend that you try "ahc classic" or "ahc sensitive" first. In over 95% of cases, this is sufficient for the treatment of the armpits.
It is important that you clean your armpits so that the pores do not clog. Do not shave your armpit hair directly before application.
For underarm perspiration we recommend the "ahc classic". For particularly sensitive skin, the "ahc sensitive" is suitable, which also contains plant extracts. Heavy sweating can cause redness and irritation in the armpits. In this case "ahc sensitive" is the right choice.
Probably not a gland but a hair root has become inflamed. Clean your armpits carefully before every use. The antiperspirants close the pores. If the pore is not completely clean, this can cause a slight inflammation. Remove the inflamed hair root with tweezers. The inflammation will quickly subside.

Underarm hair

The application of "ahc sensitive" is unproblematic when shaving the armpits. The effect of all ahc antiperspirants lasts up to one week. Shave your underarm hair one or two days after application and enjoy another three to four days of protection.
Especially for men, it is recommended to trim the hair with scissors. You do not have to shave the hair completely. It is important that you do not apply the antiperspirant to the hair, but directly to the skin at the hairline. This is where the sweat glands are located.

Head, forehead and neck

Yes, our customers achieve very good results when using the products on the head, i.e. on the forehead and neck. The products are also suitable for use on the stomach, back, in skin folds and also for prostheses.
The antiperspirant "ahc sensitive" is suitable for use on the forehead and neck. It is specially developed for sensitive skin. Apply the antiperspirant sparingly. It is sufficient to lightly dab the areas. If you want to test the product first, apply it directly behind the ear. This is where the skin is particularly sensitive.


For application on the hands we recommend "ahc forte". You may need to use "ahc forte" approximately every 3-4 days. The sweating will be greatly reduced.

Foot fungus

Yes, because often athlete's foot is caused by excessive foot sweat. Bacterial foci develop which favour athlete's foot. By using "ahc forte" on the feet, 90% of the athlete's foot also disappears.

Back and buttocks

Yes, ahc products are basically applicable everywhere. Most people sweat excessively on their hands, feet, armpits, forehead, neck, stomach, back, buttocks, skin folds and forearms. On the back you can use "ahc classic". The skin on the buttocks is particularly sensitive, for which "ahc sensitive" is suitable.

Plant extracts

The plant extracts also help against excessive sweating. They have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Sage in particular has an antiperspirant effect.


ahc-Antitranspirant should not be used daily. You should only reapply the antiperspirant when the effect wears off; usually after about a week, if you sweat a lot and also on very warm summer days.
The ahc-antiperspirants already work reliably from the first application.
Yes, the effect lasts for a long time, even after daily washing, showering or bathing. A renewed application is only necessary when the effect wears off. You use your cosmetic products as usual.
Regular use of "ahc forte" can also lead to a noticeable reduction in excessive sweating in hyperhidrosis - and thus contribute to a better state of health. In many hyperhidrosis patients, sweating has been permanently reduced to a normal level through the use of "ahc forte".

Where are the products available?

All products are available in every pharmacy and drugstore. They are often available from podiatrists and in beauty and fitness studios. And around the clock in an online shop of your choice.
Postage costs vary depending on the country. Ideally, you should buy the product directly in your country. The products are available in more than 11 countries.
We deliver worldwide and have distribution partners in many countries. You can find this information here.

Side effects

The antiperspirants reduce the cross-section of the openings of the sweat glands. The perspiratory glands secrete a smaller amount of sweat onto the skin, which is perceived as pleasant. The function of sweating to regulate body temperature is not affected by the ahc antiperspirants. The sweat glands under the armpits are not relevant for cooling the body: The area under the armpits makes up only about 1% of the skin surface. The position of the sweat glands in the armpits is also not suitable for regulating the body temperature, as the secreted sweat cannot evaporate optimally. The same applies to the sweat glands on hands and feet.
Yes, you can use ahc-Antitranspirante without any concerns during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The antiperspirants only work on the skin or in the sweat ducts of the sweat glands. The antiperspirants do not contain emulsifiers (e.g. so-called PEGs) and are not transported into the lower skin layers or into the fatty tissue. Therefore, it does not get into the metabolism or the bloodstream.
This symptom is called phantom sweating. It takes a while for the brain to change its attitude that your body is not sweating now. This symptom lasts for a maximum of two months, after which the sensation disappears.
It is probably not a gland that is inflamed, but a hair root. It is important that you clean your armpits well before using the products. Our products close the pores. If there is still dirt in the pore, this can then cause a slight inflammation. Pay close attention to the inflamed hair root and tear it out with tweezers. This will also remove the inflammation.
Side effects are only known when used on the armpits. Some people report slight irritation of the skin. This is often caused by incorrect use: too much antiperspirant is applied or the wrong product is used. The antiperspirant "ahc sensitive" is suitable for the armpits. However, if slight reddening occurs regularly, we recommend applying an anti-irritant cream - for example, a camomile cream, or a cream against sunburn with a cooling effect - after applying the solution (as soon as it has dried). Experience shows that slight redness disappears after the first application and is perceived as less annoying than excessive sweating.

Redness on the skin

Since ahc-Antitranspirante has been available on the market, we have not known of any cases where the product has caused severe irritation or inflammation when used correctly. Individual incompatibilities against individual ingredients cannot be excluded. Intolerances and skin irritations are often caused by perfumes or natural oils. Therefore, our products do not contain perfumes or natural oils. It is important to source high-quality aluminium chloride. The antiperspirant "ahc sensitive" has been specially developed for this purpose. We are constantly improving our products by constantly developing the ingredients. This optimisation improves the effect and the products achieve an even better result.
Make sure not to apply the products after shaving. For sensitive skin we recommend the antiperspirant "ahc sensitive". If you still have problems, we recommend the lotion "nutric re-active".

Deo Roller

A roll-on or spray would tend to apply too much, and a roll-on is only suitable for underarms. In fact, it is sufficient to slightly moisten the areas to be treated with cotton wool.

Shelf life

The shelf life of the products is 12 months. After that, the effect may slightly decrease. After two years the effect may be completely lost. Special storage is not necessary. As with other cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, it is recommended to store them at room temperature.
This varies from person to person. For use on the back, 30 ml is sufficient for about 5 to 7 months. For use on the hands, feet and armpits it can last even longer.


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