Optimized for the future!

Constantly expanded formulations bring success

Our ahc anitperspirants (classic, sensitive and forte) were rated three times "very good" in dermatological tests on their tolerance and effectiveness!

By changing / optimizing the ingredients, the effect has been further improved and this with an even more sensitive result.

How does optimization work:

The individual components of the ingredients have been changed by various chemical changes. It was possible to put the good (swerat reduction) but also the negative properties (skin irritation) in a different relationship.

Therefore was:

  1. the effectiveness increased
  2. the skin irritation reduced

We wanted more!

In addition to the complex otimization, the concentration of the plant extracts already included has increased (with ahc sensitive and ahc forte).

Our treatment methods:

Our products naturally close the sweat gland opening in the middle and lower skin layers. The effect occurs after the first application and reduces perspiration between 80% and 100%.

The body has enough other evaporation areas so that your well-being is not affected. The application is purely external and in most cases treatment once a week is sufficient. As a result, the product is extremely long-lasting.

Convince yourself of the third generation antiperspirant. At the ususal price.